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I need help with the following:Overview: The goal for this assignment is to give you the opportunity to develop a research plan for a survey of what a group of people think about a topic of your choosing.Complete the following steps:Step 1: State your topic and dependent variable. Start with a simple question that you want to know the answer to: “What do (your selected population) think about _____________?” Fill in the blank, and you have your topic, as well as your dependent variable: “opinion about ________________.”Step 2: Define and describe your target population – the people you want to participate in your survey.Step 3: Describe your sampling approach. Will it be probability or non-probability? Describe your sampling method and the reasons for your choice.Step 4: Operationalize your dependent variable. Think of questions you could ask in order to find out what people think about your dependent variable. You should be able to state several different ways you could have people give their answers. Construct at least two measures (questions and possible responses) of the dependent variable. Both the questions and the ways you are asking people to respond to the questions should be different.Step 5: State your independent variables. What are the ways that people in your target population differ? They could be “demographic characteristics,” identities, attitudes or opinions they hold, political leaning or party affiliation, favorite sports team, etc. Select at least five of these as independent variables: characteristics of survey respondents that might shape their attitude towards your dependent variable.Step 6: Operationalize your independent variables. Think about the best ways to get respondents to report these characteristics. Construct one measure (question/possible responses) for each of your independent variables. State these operationalized variables.Step 7: State your primary research question. Choose one independent variable that you think will be most related to your dependent variable. Restate your research question by including this independent variable: “How is _________ related to what (my target population) think about ___________?”Step 8: State your hypothesis. Your hypothesis is an educated guess about what you think is the likely answer to your primary research question. In part three of this assignment, we will test your hypothesis to see if it is true. You should be able to imagine different survey results that would “support” or “not support” your hypothesis.Submit a Word document presenting the results of these eight steps.Step 9: Write and submit a survey project report that presents the results of your steps 1 through 8. Please address each of the eight steps in the paper with a paragraph for each step. Begin each paragraph with the number and brief description of the corresponding step. Please make sure to include reference citations in the paragraphs as required and end the paper with a list of references used. Follow the APA style guidelines to cite references and list them, and review the Writing and Anti-Plagiarism Resources tab on the left tool bar of this page for guidance on how to use the APA style guidelines for your written work.

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